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" Ashok has been absolutely spectacular and completely professional. In areas that our company struggled to make progress, Ashok took the reigns and we immediately saw results. I enjoy working with people who are trustworthy, and Ashok fits the bill."

David Meyers
Chief Operating Officer and Director of Finance

"Ashok Gupta provided our company excellent services mainly with article’s content. Ashok is a very approachable person who delivers his work always on time, and I would thoroughly recommend him in the future." Yours sincerely,

"Tal Gur",Owner of Software Company and Web Businesses

"He is a consummate professional who, from the get-go, has exceeded my expectations. Extremely smart, articulate, and knowledgeable. He has proven to be very conscientious, and takes 100% responsibility for quality control. It is really a joy to find someone like Ashok who can be counted on to provide outstanding and reliable service like this. In a word, a gem. I recommend his services wholeheartedly."

Kathy Lim, Marketing Expert, Canada

"Ashok has gone above and beyond my expectations. His clear and effective communication and updates were helpful and his delivery of the project excellent, I now feel I have found a great work partner in Ashok and will be working with him again very soon. Thank you for all your help and I look forward to our next project together."

Natalie Armstrong Globalheart Partner/Textile Designer

"I have been using Ashok''s services for over a month now since his work was so good from the initial project listed here. He''s been fantastic and very communicative tailoring his work to my specifications. I''d highly recommend him and his staff. "

Dr. Paul Obrien, Owner of Acupuncture Clinic

"Ashok has been amazing and i will continue to use his services for a long time!!! "

Chris ,Owner Real Estate Business

"Ashok & his team are great. We have an ongoing relationship and nothing I ask for is turned down. They can work with tight deadlines and deliver excellent work. Very professional in communication and Ashok will ask for clarification to make sure they deliver what you are looking for. I recommend them. "

Camilla, Administration Manager, Physician and General Surgeon Clinic

"Ashok was able to complete any task I threw at him with ease and grace. The quality of his work was high. He was proactive about contacting me regarding next steps and was able to complete tasks with minimal instruction. I would highly recommend him."

Steve Kinney

"Excellent working with this team! Really have benefitted from their efficiency, accuracy and easy communication. Definitely recommend."

Natalie, Lifecoach & Business Coach, UK

"Great service, delivers on time with great quality"


"Ashok was very professional and followed instructions very well. He was prompt and often completed tasks before their deadline. I will work with him again on other projects"


"Met up to all expectations. Professional and timely! "


"I continue to work with Asok from Deep_Shome and I'm very happy with his service"


Ashok is man of drive, determination and 100% integrity. I'd recommend his work without hesitation, and indeed I have done so to many people already

Guy Arnold: Consultant and trainer: focusing on enabling customer service excellence

 “Ashok was great to work with. One of my biggest concerns with using a VA was the potential language barrier, but Ashok was extremely fluent in English and quick to respond in a coherent and precise manner. I will most likeIy use his service again and would recommend him to friends.”

Ronald Lo

 “This job was part of a test for me to find my new virtual assistant. Although Deep expressed that they would not be able to begin the job immediately, I was pleasantly surprised when they reverted the next day. The team provided everything required within the time frame and the information was laid out in an easy to understand manner with relevant links and comments. Good command of English ensures that we are able to communicate efficiently. They have passed the test with flying colours and we are now beginning a trial to work together long term.”


“I have nothing but the highest praise for Deep and his team. They've been timely, accurate and adhered to the highest possible standards of quality on all fronts.”


 “I am very happy with everything: quality of work, adherence to cost, responsiveness, and above all, the willingness to put in extra hours to make a super tight deadline. I will undoubtedly continue this relationship. ”


“Working with Deep_Shome you get a sense for what it's like to raise the bar on your expectations of VA's. We weren't sure what to expect in the beginning, but the service they have consistently delivered provides my company the greatest commodity - more time with peace of mind - so we can focus on creating. They have a professional team leader that knows how to communicate thoroughly, combined with a group of young professional staff who have handled everything we've given them with excellent care and consistency. I very highly recommend their services. ”

I am very grateful for my excellent VA's!! Thank you  Ashok Gupta and Staff, for making time consuming tasks much simpler.

Kellie Frazier Connecting LLC

“I greatly appreciated Ashok's support over the time we worked together. I liked his timely communication, the fact that he kept me in the loop with the status of the tasks and his professionalism. Recommend him to anybody looking for a capable VA team.”

Palamariuradu -Photographer

“The best provider I have found yet. Research results were thorough, well-organized, and provided very quickly, despite the unusual nature of the research. ”


“I am very happy with everything: quality of work, adherence to cost, responsiveness, and above all, the willingness to put in extra hours to make a super tight deadline. I will undoubtedly continue this relationship. ”




Administrative, secretarial and management skills backed by many years of international industrial experience.

Communication in excellent spoken and written English.

Internet and computer skills.

Quick learning, continuously updating of knowledge and skills.

Flexible, accommodating with high customer focus.


High speed internet, Skype IM with US telephone number.

Trained and experienced team with flawless English and internet skills.

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